Julie Anne Greenberg

Raleigh-based artist Julie Anne Greenberg is fascinated by storm systems, and by humankind’s attempts to name, personify and predict them.

“There is an attempt to identify, categorize, and understand each system, and we still find ourselves powerless against these sublime forces. Each storm becomes a meditation for the many things that are out of our hands but that we try so desperately to control.”

—Julie Anne Greenberg

In opposition to this mode of thought, Greenberg allows unpredictability to drive her silkscreening process. Her technique hinges on the seemingly spontaneous paths that water droplets take as they trickle through sand onto glass sheets. The surprising textures and patterns created by the interaction of water and sand are photo exposed to silkscreens and then printed onto prepared paper, guiding Greenberg as she cuts individual pieces and composes the larger storm.

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System IX Isaias by Julie Anne Greenberg

System IX Isaias: Give us a little time, and we'll get it all put back together, 2022

Mixed media screen print on cut and reassembled paper

Purchased 2021

Location: Wilkinson Building Level 2

close-up of System IX Isais by Julie Anne Greenberg

detail of System IX Isais by Julie Anne Greenberg