Envisioning the Invisible (Various)

Sponsored by the Duke Engineering Graduate Student Council, the Envisioning the Invisible photo and image competition challenges members of the Duke Engineering community to create visually striking representations of the unseen world around us. These images offer surprising glimpses into structures too tiny to be seen unaided and graphically convey complex data and research concepts. This selection of submissions from prior years reminds us of the inherent beauty of an engineer's daily work, and of the scientific frontiers at our very fingertips.

view of Envisioning the Invisible images down the hallway

Featured Images

Location: Wilkinson Building Level 1

Featured images line the walls between the entrances to the active learning classrooms.

microscope image of green striated human skeletal muscle myotubes by Megan Kondash

Image by Megan Kondash

macro image of water droplets by Agheal Abedzadeh

Image by Agheal Abedzadeh

Bloom by Nan Luo

"Bloom" by Nan Luo

macro image of red wildflower's stamen and pistil

Image by Stefan Roberts

Phases of the Heart by John Malik

"Phases of the Heart" by John Malik

360 image of grasses, blue sky, clouds and a person

Image by Wout Salenbien

colorful microscope image of ion-beam to be used for cancer therapy by Zhihui Cheng

Image by Zhihui Cheng

colorful image of blood flow patterns in an arterial channel by Madhurima Vardhan

Image by Madhurima Vardhan

macro image of moss bathed in beams of sunlight by Matthew Cicanese

Image by Matthew Cicanese